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Introduction to Buchang Pharmaceuticals

Buchang Pharmaceuticals is a China’s well-known enterprise which specializes in the R&D, production and sale of TCM patent medicines, supplemented by many fields, i.e., hi-tech industry and health industry. The Company has set up its production bases in Shandong, Shaanxi, Hebei and the Northeast China, with its marketing network spreading all over major provinces of China. Through years of development, the Company has owned a high-quality and professional team.

The Company was honored the titles of “Honest Taxpaying Enterprise”, “Assured Pharmaceutical Enterprise among People”, “China’s Top10 Best Pharmaceutical Enterprises”, etc. Danhong injection was awarded “Gold Medal for China’s first TCM Patent”; “Buchang Naoxintong” was honored the title of “Top 10 Best TCM Product Brands”. In 2013, Buchang received the honor as “2013 China Five-star Corporate Citizen”. In 2014, Buchang Pharmaceuticals won the “2014 Special Contribution Prize for the Chinese Philanthropy”. In 2015, Buchang Pharmaceuticals was honored the title of “Best Industrial Enterprise in Chinese Pharmaceutical R&D Production Lines of 2015”.

Buchang undertakes the social responsibility bravely, and has been awarded the “Willing Ox Award for Social Responsibility of China’s Pharmaceutical &Health Industry” for consecutive two years. Professor Zhao Buchang and his son Zhao Tao were awarded the “Philanthropists with Chinese Characteristics”. The Company has topped among the local corporate taxpayers for consecutive years, and been keen to the public welfare establishments. From the inception of “Shaping the Chinese Heart” activity in 2008 till present, nearly 10,000 medical workers were organized to go to Sichuan, Ningxia, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Qinghai, Yunnan, and other places, diagnosing and treating more than 300,000 people free of charge. More than 600 children with congenital heart disease regained health after surgery.

Buchang Pharmaceuticals will devote itself to the “Modernization of TCM and Internationalization of Market”, and do utmost to develop into the first brand of TCM and make its due contributions to the health of the Chinese people continuously!

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